5 Easy Advices To Choose Effectively A Media Attorney

5 Easy Advices To Choose Effectively A Media Attorney

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Nikolas Cruz, brother might have $1 million in bank, attorney says Nikolas Cruz, 19, appeared at a hearing in Broward County Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale to determine whether he is truly indigent or if he stands to collect up to $800,000 from his late mother's estate and various other financial accounts in his name. It was previously determined that Cruz could not afford his own attorney and the Broward County Public Defender's Office was appointed to represent him. Judge Elizabeth Scherer is attempting to determine if the public defender's office should be dismissed from representing Cruz if he has the means to afford a private attorney. Since his arrest on Feb. 14 in the killing of 17 people at the Parkland, Florida, high school, information has surfaced that Cruz might stand to inherit a small fortune. "Just so the court is aware, Mr. Cruz does not want those funds," his attorney, Melissa McNiell of the public defenders office, told Judge Scherer during the hearing. "He would like that money donated to an organization that the victims families believe would be able to facilitate the healing in our community." Later in the hearing, Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein told Scherer "whatever monies the defendant doesn't want, let it go to those who have been hurt, period." But it remains unclear whether Cruz does have any funds from his mother's estate coming to him. McNiell said research her office has done shows Cruz has a Wells Fargo bank account with a balance of $353. She said he also has a Microsoft stock certificate worth $2,227, and a commissary account at the Broward County Jail with a little more than $650 in it. His mother, Lynda Cruz, died Nov. 1 after contracting the flu, leaving an Allstate Life Insurance policy in which Nikolas Cruz possibly stands to collect $25,000, Finkelstein said.

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